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10 important tools for registering domain name


GoDaddy is probably the most popular domain registration service in the world. In 2009, it reached more than 36 million domain names under management. It has one of the most comprehensive service from domains to hosting to Site Building. It is one mega platform for buying and selling anything related to web services.

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BustaName helps you find available domain names based on the entered keywords. The keywords has to describe the website that you are going to make, and BustaName will bring back all the available domain names using these keywords. You can extend the search by adding synonyms, adding suffixes/prefixes, dropping vowels, etc. Once you get a list of available domain names you can sort them alphabetically, rank by quality and add potential candidates to your watch list.

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Domainr provides all the different possible domain names it creates. You’ll also see generic domains like .com,.net and .org. If you’re looking for a non-Latin internationalized domain name, you can enter characters with accents or other diacritics, and even scripts such as Arabic, Hebrew, Chinese, Japanese and Hindi.

Domainr also shows whether a domain name is possible to register—different domains have their own restrictions for things like minimum domain length, top-level registerability, and International character support.

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DomainFinder is a simple web application for webmasters which helps you to find fun domain name.

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This is another application that lets you find domain names.

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NameBoy, as its “name” suggests, is a domain name generating tool that’s currently making waves all over the ‘net. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to enter a competitive field such as free poker or something as unique as your whole name, NameBoy can find the available domain name for you.

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Dot-o-mator gives a domain name suggestions. User has to enter a word or words, and choose some endings (or enter your own), click to combine them. If you see a name you like, you can check its availability or save it to your scratchboard. There is a max of 15 words in the prefix and suffix boxes.

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This application lets you search for current and expired whois domains and dns tools.

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In addition to checking whether a domain name has been previously registered or not (the limit of other domain name look-up tools), Domize will check whether unavailable domain names can be bought on the secondary market or whether they’re soon expiring. Most incredibly, Domize runs these additional checks in no time, meaning you’re spending less time waiting for page reloads or starting at spinning icons and more time finding your perfect domain name.

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Squurl allows you to quickly and easily check domain name availability. It has a simple interface to add the keywords and search for the free domains available.

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